The outlook of E.U. from Turkish point of view

Europeans challenge Europe

Eu enlargement and Turkey

Turkey has a population of nearly 80 million citizen and is situated on cross roads of Asia and Europe. Considering it’s natural resources and young workforce, It can be easily figured out that Turkey’s membership of Eu would be most beneficial for both sides.

The first full membership application has been pledged in 14 April 1987. Since than, there was numerous meeting in the congress but most of them was in vain due to endless excuses. None of these obligations had been presented as a preliminary regulation for other candidate countries. Even we have lack of some qualities, It is obvious that Turkey is much powerful and developt compared to Greece, Bulgarian, Latvia etc.

As our membership is beyond consideration of economical, social and population size aspects, It can be inferred from these “blockades” that the only fundamental specification of Eu membership is religion. Some of delegates are brave enough to declare that Turkey’s membership is not only about Eu enlargement but also the problem of potential Muslim – Christian confliction. The crucial point here is that Europeans are afraid of Revival of Ottomans. Some countries are forgetting the fact that they lived in Europe peacefully through ages in a perfect harmony with Muslims.

Tens years ago, membership of Turkey had a great support from citizens but by the time goes on, Eu has lost immense power and started to crack slowly. Some countries refused to use national money “Euro”, but none of these members had been punished in a way or dismissed from society. These events created much disturbance in even the “Zealots of eu membership of Turkey”.

If Europeans continue to put off approval, Turkey is going to look for alternative ways to open up to the world!

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